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Perils of Glamour

They say you find inspiration in the strangest of places. But I think the truth of the matter is, most artists find strange inspiration in the most mundane of places. Here’s a recent example of it happening to me…

As some of you might know, I got engaged recently. And as tradition dictates, I had to find a ring. So, I went to one of the larger jewelers in the area. Eventually I found something I thought my fiance would like. While the clerk was off boxing the ring, I had a minute to myself. When I looked around the store I was taken aback at who else was in there with me – first at the almost obscene display of wealth and then more so by how sickly everyone looked. Now, part of that was the harsh overhead lighting used in the store – turns out, the lighting used to make gems brighter, doesn’t do much for most complexions – but what I saw went beyond that. There must have been two dozen customers wandering about the store and it was as if the more expensive and excessive their furs and jewels, the more sickly they had become.

I went home and began replaying the incident in my head, when I had what I believe alcoholics refer to as a moment of clarity

What if all these luxury items we’re taught to aspire to – diamonds, gold, furs, etc. – were actually poisoning us, literally sucking us dry, not just financially, but physically and spiritually? And, if that was the case, what would that look like?

The photos are my attempt at answering those questions.

Model credit: Charlie Will

Just Announced ERO6!

Gallery 788 5th Annual Erotic Show 4

I’m proud to announce that a few of my pieces will be on display at this year’s ERO6 at G788. ERO6 is an erotic themed art show, they’re going into their 6th year and if it’s anything like last year’s event, it should be blast. There will be artwork on display from a number of local artists, as well as live demos and dancers. The opening is November 6th. Mark your calendars, you will not want to miss this one.

Just announced! This year’s performers:

Bare It All Sideshow – Shaggy Wilcox
Fire Play and Manipulation – Echo
Pole Dancing – The Deadly Sinners
Poetry Reading – Ms. Nora Yolanda
Poetry Feeding – Kelly Cakes
Acrolesque – Grace & DrUnkle
Medical Fetish Burlesque – Draven Star
Booty Poppin Fist Pumpin Beats & Lyrics – TT the Artist
DAT ASS – Alissa Verbeke

Live body painting: Soumya Dhulekar and KelleyCreations
Aphrodisiac Food Tasting – Lola’s Catering Company
Spanking Bar – Sarah and the Spankers
Fire Torches – Echo
Burning Angel Signing – Draven Star
Michael and his Electric Wand