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How much does pet photography cost?

Hiring a professional photographer to capture your dog’s portrait can be an extremely memorable experience — that is, if you hire the right photographer.

While for many dog owners their first concern is cost, price is only one part of the value equation. When considering who to work with, you should also factor for style of pet portrait, the artist’s technical expertise, reputation, reliability, convenience and a number of other factors. Considering all of the conflicting information to be found online, it can all be a bit much to consider.

Thankfully, J.B. Shepard, the founder of Washington D.C.’s Puptrait Studio has compiled a quick, but detailed list of must ask questions for dog lovers to consider before buying and understand exactly how to hire a dog photographer.

This dog photography buying guide is 30 questions long and doubles as a checklist to use when evaluating and comparing pet photographer websites and portfolios.