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We are located in Hampden – an obscure Baltimore neighborhood you’ve probably never heard of.


We specialize in extreme noir fine art portraiture and highkey headshot photography. Follow our Facebook page to stay up to date with all of our upcoming gallery shows, promotions and casting calls.


Our studio is available for advertising and commercial work – including lifestyle, editorial, glamour, fashion, band, beauty, model and actor headshot photography.


We also accept private fine art commissions. So, if you have a boring wall that could be a bit more interesting, some terrible stock art that could use replacing or just someone you want shot in the face* – we’re available for hire and for probably for less than you might imagine.


Interested in commissioning a one of a kind fine art piece for your home or office? Learn more about how to commission a ShepShot Fine Art Portrait.


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*with a camera.

What’s New?

Campaign Concept for Oculus Rift VR

This is a poster I drew up as a campaign and brand proof of concept for Oculus Rift, exploring what a truly immersive gaming experience might feel like from a basic aspirational and emotional level.


Cancer Man

This is a revisit of a photo I captured a number of years ago when I was still shooting with poorer quality glass and a smaller camera body. While the camera setup did not result in the highest quality photos, it did have lend an interesting softer, almost illustrated quality to images. As you can see here in Cancer Man, the hands and hat, while in focus, feel somewhat liquid, like an oil painting.

This photo, while heavily edited, is not a composite – at least not in a traditional sense. We shot this in an old, burned out and abandoned mill along the Jones Falls in Baltimore. The barrel, smoke, dust and various other industrial elements were captured in camera. The high key, spot lighting is coming from a strobe placed behind a shattered window hidden behind the wall on the left side of the frame. The model’s face, the smoke replacing it and the red wash, were really the only elements added in post.

cancer man


This is a revisit of a photo collaboration with Michael Anthony Farley from a portrait project with LED Baltimore from a few years back. Farley was at the time an active drag performer and huge Blade Runner fan. So we decided to integrate both interests, with a portrait concept based upon the candy eating geisha that is seen on digital signage throughout the film.

Recently, I’ve been going back through my archives of past work and picking up photographs from the cutting room floor, and taking them for an unbridled and exploratory adventure in Photoshop. Really, just taking an image and modifying it organically, with no real plan beyond whatever the current state of composition.

This is a technique I learned to appreciate with wood carving. When carving wood you can force or pursue specific imagery, but with the medium being an imperfect and organic material, I find my best work comes from going with the flow, finding the grain and working along it. This is particularly true when working with manual hand tools, like chisels and knives. The work is slow going and over time, as you continue to work the wood, you begin to feel rather than see what you’re working on. All in all, the process is quite cathartic and generally inspires work that is genrally more creative than any single concept or flourish.

This editing process isn’t much different. I apply many, lightly modified layers, primarily through brush work and finer (ab)use of the liquify tool. Rather than forcing photorealism, allowing imperfections in skin cloning and layer transparency to give the new image a surreal sense of movement, depth and emotion.

geisha candy

the AmeriZika Project

This is a project inspired by the circus that is current US Presidential Primary elections.


Feeling it (the Bern)


Besty (the Seamstress)

Hillary's Golden Handcuffs

Hillary (Wrapped in Obama) – the vertical strip of text is a quote from Debbie Wasserman Schultz, ‘Unpledged delegates exist really to make sure that party leaders and elected officials don’t have to be in a position where they are running against grassroots activists,’ “

Free dog photography in Baltimore

It looks like pet owners in Maryland have reason to celebrate. Baltimore’s own, Puptrait Studio is waiving all sitting fees for local dog owners. If you’re looking for high quality, affordable dog photography now is the time to act. We have it on good word they still have a few weekend and evening slots still available – but they are going fast! Claim your free dog photo session before they’re gone.

What Clients Are Saying


“Like all great artists, Shepard’s style seems to have a foot in the past and a very firm foot in the now” – Matt Berry, Comedic Actor (Toast of London, Snuffbox, the IT Crowd, Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace), Commission, London, UK,

“Shepard, just wanted to say how pleased I was with the private pieces I commissioned from you. Your professionalism, combined with the atmospheric quality of the photography, made it all work perfectly. I’ll be back for more down the road.”- Chris Staros, Elvis Fanatic / Publisher, Fine Art Commission, Marietta, Georgia

“For the last 35 years I have worked with many professional photographers, most were technically proficient, but more often than not, upon completion of the project we’d find it lacking. In 2012, Shepard did a photo session for me and basically light the fire for all concerned. His total commitment of time and effort was remarkable. The imagery has revitalized our promotional efforts, as well the soul of our band. Shepard is the most talented photographer I’ve ever worked with and in a league of his own.” David J. Cawkwell, Musician / President, Frantic Records, Inc, Commercial Photography Client, Carroll County, Maryland

“I had the pleasure of working with Shepard recently and it was a BLESSING!! very creative and knowledgeable. My photos have helped me tremendously in my business. Thank you for EVERYTHING SHEPARD!”– Styves Exantus, Ninja Warrior Contestant / Fitness Model, Headshot Photography Client, Columbia, Maryland

Pricing List

Portrait Session Packages


  • 60 Minute Studio Session
  • Full Color Correction
  • Basic Post Processing
  • Watermarked Files
  • Digital Delivery of Full Resolution Images


  • 90 Minute Studio Session
  • Full Color Correction
  • Basic Post Processing and Touch Ups
  • Watermarked Files
  • Digital Delivery of Full Resolution Images


  • 120 Minute Studio Session
  • Full Color Correction
  • Advanced Conceptual & Creative Photo Editing
  • Additional Hour of Touch Ups or Compositing by Request
  • No Watermark
  • Digital Delivery of Full Resolution Images
  • One Photographic Print as large as 20″ x 30″


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